Greyhound Exports to Argentina

18 November 2016

GREYHOUND RESCUE Association of Ireland call for any future sales/exports of greyhounds from Ireland to Argentina to be denied following the ban on greyhound racing in Argentina, announced November 2016.

GRAI press officer, Richard King, says “there now is no need for greyhounds to be exported to Argentina. Greyhounds suffer a shocking life in Argentina, and Irish greyhounds have long been seen as an accolade to be owned by Argentinian trainers/breeders for racing.” Animal welfare colleagues in Argentina have provided GRAI with much evidence and information on the suffering of greyhounds in Argentina, along with many other dog breeds. Richard adds “A colleague of mine works day and night with her rescue, taking in and rehabilitating street dogs, educating on all aspects of welfare, and working to overcome the traditional, localised myths of neutering. She has taken in hundreds of dogs, including greyhounds, left abandoned – suffering from appalling conditions. As with many rescues around the world, she is overwhelmed and desperate for funds but she continues the vital work that makes a huge difference to those she helps.”

With a racing ban now passed in Argentina any exports of greyhounds makes no sense – they are not seen as companion animals, and any future exports would only be to supply illegal racing. GRAI see this ban as an further incentive by the industry for increased input and responsibility of greyhound rehoming in Ireland – to help with the extra greyhounds that would otherwise have been exported.