Greyhounds from Ireland to Spain

A GREYHOUND born in 2012 named Barney Rubble is a perfect example of what can become of greyhounds, exported from Ireland, lucky enough to end up in a rescue centre abroad. Barney Rubble is still registered in the Irish Stud-Book under the name of the owner/breeder, Seamus McCloskey – a partner of Hamilton Architects who, amongst other tracks, designed the Limerick Greyhound Track, opened in 2010, which carries controversies of huge debts, and welfare concerns that led to a re-design of the first bend in 2014.

Barney Rubble at Scooby MedinaSeamus McCloskey, owner of Mineola Kennels in Co. Derry, Northern Ireland, has breached Regulation 10 of the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011 by failing to notify the Irish Coursing Club that he is no longer the owner of Barney Rubble. Barney Rubble was listed in the greyhound sales held at Perry Barr(UK)in November 2013 – following his only race in Derry, recorded by the Irish Greyhound Board.

Barney Rubble ended up in the rescue Scooby Medina, in Spain, after being left abandoned in 2015. The IGB was contacted by the Spanish rescue, to notify and raise concerns of an Irish greyhound abandoned in Spain, but Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland have been informed that no reply was given by the IGB. GRAI was contacted with photos of his ear markings, and we made further enquiries with the ICC, who confirmed the details of Barney Rubble. Seamus McCloskey publicly stated in 2008 that breeders responsible for breeding must carry the responsibility for homing their pups. Thankfully Barney Rubble found a home with the dedicated efforts of Scooby Medina, and is now relaxing in Italy.

Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland are deeply concerned of the fate of greyhounds exported from Ireland. GRAI Press Officer, Richard King, says ‘While the case of Barney Rubble ended well, Barney Rubble is proof that exported greyhounds lucky enough to end up in a rescue centre will be an added burden to rescue centres already overwhelmed with the welfare issues prevalent in countries such as Spain.

Barney Rubble is also a perfect example of the frequent breach of transfer of ownership regulations in the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011. While GRAI are pleased to see the IGB publishing fines for this breach but we would like to see full details published, ie names of owners/breeders, rather than just a statement of a fine being given out. It is also extremely disappointing that with this case contact made from Scooby Medina to the IGB, via email, concerning Barney Rubble in 2015 was not replied to.’

Barney Rubble 1Barney Rubble 2Barney Rubble homed