The GRAI 6th Annual Walk for Greyhounds

12 June 2016

GREYHOUND RESCUE Association of Ireland will host their 6th Annual Walk for Greyhounds on 19 June at Farmleigh – Phoenix Park, Dublin. The Walk aims to further promote greyhound adoption in Ireland, which has gained growing, and continued, support from international celebrities – some of whom will be joining in on the day.


Walk-Poster-2016The Walk has been planned to reflect the calm and gentle nature of the greyhound, with a leisurely walk followed by a relaxing informal picnic. The head quarters of the Walk offers a perfect area for those dogs who are less inclined to join in on the Walk, but do not want to miss out on the day, to relax in the shade. The walk is planned to start at 1:15 pm, following meeting-up from 12:30 pm. GRAI would encourage attendees to bring water, picnics, and of course bags to clean up after your dog. At the request of Farmleigh GRAI ask that no banners or placards are to be used on the day – this is a peaceful gathering to show support for greyhound adoption, and love for the breed.

Growing each year, GRAI hope for the best turn out of attendees for 2016. A GRAI Spokesperson said “The Walk for Greyhounds has always been a fantastic day, It’s a perfect way to highlight their wonderful, calm, and loving nature, to anyone who is thinking of adopting a greyhound”, adding “Despite the tens-of-thousands of greyhounds bred each year in Ireland so few are homed after racing, and fewer still are homed in Ireland. The traceability of greyhounds looks good on paper, but the reality for most of them is so very different. It is just so sad to know that the lives of so many of these beautiful beings are cut short, and that they are only seen as a commodity. Greyhounds really are gentle dogs and make wonderful companion animals, a perfect pet for most homes”.

This year’s GRAI Walk for Greyhounds has joined in with the Great Global Greyhound Walk – an initiative to promote greyhounds as pets worldwide. In 2015 the GGGW recorded 146 walks, when 4,605 sighthounds were recorded as a celebration of greyhound adoption on the same day.

Although the Walk is for greyhounds, GRAI welcome all dog breeds to join in on the day, and anyone who has never met a greyhound – there will be some greyhounds attending who are in need of homes. Above all, the Walk is open to anyone who wants to show or learn #Grá4Greyhounds.