GRAI featured in the RTÉ Guide!

RTÉ asked GRAI to provide an article about greyhounds as pets for their special pet issue of the popular weekly RTÉ Guide, and our PR Officer, Richard King, was quick to comply! Being featured in Ireland’s best selling magazine is a great opportunity to promote greyhounds as pets, as well as our upcoming Walk for Greyhounds on June 19th.

Full text of the article below.

When the race is run

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Richard King gives other dogs a run for their money with his pitch on how great a greyhound can be as a domestic pet

Despite living their previous lives in kennels, greyhounds adapt very quickly to living in a home. They are quick to learn the skills of being house-trained, and demand very little exercise. It is a myth that they require lots of walks, as they are built for speed not stamina. A couple of 20 minute walks each day will keep them happy.

Greyhounds are generally very clean. Having short coats, they don’t get covered in mud. This also means no moulting or strong smells, and they can be suitable pets even if you suffer from allergies. They can live very happily with other dogs, and with existing household pets – even the small ones!

Greyhounds desperately need homes after racing. Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland helps to educate and promote greyhounds as pets, highlighting the many that could be homed rather than facing an early death. Greyhounds usually retire from racing at the age of three to five years old, and they can go on to live very healthy lives up to 12 and 14 years old. If you think you can offer one of these beautiful animals a home then visit the GRAI website – – for further details. Or contact one of the many rescue centres. The rewards returned in love and loyalty are huge.

Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland are hosting their 6th Annual Walk for Greyhounds on 19th June 2016, at Farmleigh at Phoenix Park in Dublin. The event features a leisurely walk in the park, followed by a relaxed sit-down with a picnic. Of course there will be many greyhounds attending to highlight just how wonderful they are as pets, but all dog breeds are welcome to join us. We would especially welcome anyone considering adopting a greyhound to come on the day and see for yourselves how beautiful, gentle, loving and goofy these animals are.