Greyhound Friends International Welfare Update – Delaware

17 October 2015

GREYHOUND FRIENDS Inc. hosted their annual International Update, on 8 to 12 October 2015, with speakers: Richard King of Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland; Norma Fogerty of Limerick Animal Welfare; Silvia Barrozo of Proyecto Galgo Argentina; Anna Clements of SOS Galgos(Barcelona); and Louise Coleman, Founder of Greyhound Friends Inc. Massachusetts.

This year the Greyhound Friends Inc. International Update was held at the Greyhounds Reach the Beach event at Dewey Beach/Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Each international speaker presented a common message of the alarming welfare issues concerning greyhounds internationally – of the greyhounds use in racing and hunting, and of the struggles of homing greyhounds.

Each speaker gave time throughout the four day event to extend their presentations by speaking with, and answering many questions from, the hundreds of interested attendees – and of course giving attention to their greyhounds.

Each of those hundreds of attendees share the knowledge of how gentle a breed the greyhound is – and how they make the perfect companion animal.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound please visit for further information, or contact your local animal shelter – learn and join #Grá4Greyhounds.