GRAI Response to Recent IGB News

27 September 2015

ADVERSE ANALYTICAL test results of prohibited substances given from greyhounds will be published from 1 October 2015 – the Irish Greyhound Board announce. Any greyhound giving such results will see the greyhound being banned until the results of further testing give a negative result.

554825_4095279981781_716611641_nThere are no details given as to whether owners/trainers will also be banned. This is comes as a vital missing detail, and GRAI see this as a failure to uphold any welfare interests further. For the welfare of the greyhound GRAI would like to see compulsory health checks undertaken by a veterinary surgeon on any banned greyhounds.

There are further concerns given that fines and/or warnings handed to Irish trainers by the UK racing authorities have not been extended to Ireland. Trainers found guilty of doping offences in the UK have been free to continue to race greyhounds – who have given positive samples – in Ireland.

GRAI welcomes the publication, since December 2014, of the Control Committee reports on the details of doping and fines imposed. However GRAI feels the seriousness of doping offences are taken lightly – reflected by the minimum fines imposed. GRAI would like to see higher fines imposed, along with the banning of any trainers/owners found guilty of such offenses – as is seen in other disciplinary actions by racing authorities in other countries. Such incentives would be a forward step for greyhound welfare.

GRAI has concerns over the recent public consultation from the Irish Greyhound Board on their incentives, as a response to the 2014 Indecon Report, to increase the level of greyhound breeding in Ireland. The objective in the recent IGB consultation on greyhound welfare and traceability has not been outlined further to show implementation – this is a huge concern given the numbers of greyhounds bred in recent years – at least 88,752 for the years 2010 to 2014.