It Was a Dog’s Life Yesterday in Dublin!

Yesterday hundreds of dog lovers, rescue organisations, and pets from all over Ireland and overseas, joined a peaceful walk through the centre of Dublin, aimed at promoting retired racing Greyhounds as excellent family pets. Celebrity singer Sharon Shannon also took part in the walk, showing her support and continued advocacy for Irish Greyhounds.

The Walk for Greyhounds was organised by Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland (GRAI), an organisation dedicated to promoting Greyhounds as pets while working to improve industry standards for their welfare and care.

As Una Phelan, spokesperson for GRAI said, “While there is still much work to be done in the area of Greyhound welfare, it was incredibly moving to see the amount of public support for Walk for Greyhounds today. It is becoming clearer that attitudes, at last, are changing and that more and more people are realising that Greyhounds deserve a life when they retire from racing. Greyhounds are very gentle and quiet dogs, good with children, generally get on well with other dogs, and make wonderful family pets.”

This was the fourth Walk for Greyhounds to be held by GRAI since 2011 and is an annual event. By promoting Greyhounds as pets, GRAI hopes that more homes can be found in Ireland for the Greyhound, a noble dog, which for so many people throughout the world is a symbol of Ireland and Irish culture.

If you are interested in learning more about Greyhounds as pets, or adopting from a local rescue, please browse our website or Like Us on Facebook.

Pictures from this year’s walk are available here. Pictures taken by Eimhin McNamara