Rescued Greyhounds Walk through Dublin City Centre

“Greyhounds make wonderful pets” says Sharon Shannon.

Greyhounds walked alongside dogs of all breeds and their owners through Dublin City centre today. The walk was organised by Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland (GRAI), to show that greyhounds make great family pets and to draw attention to the need to improve welfare for racing greyhounds in Ireland.

Several hundred walkers gathered from all over Ireland and beyond, including representatives of greyhound rescue organisations in Europe and the USA.

Internationally famous Irish artists turned out to support the walk: best selling Irish musician Sharon Shannon, Irish artist Luka Bloom, singer songwriter Cathy Davey, and Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy accompanied the walkers and their hounds, while acclaimed film director Lenny Abrahamson sent a message of support.

Sharon Shannon said:

“All over the World people know that greyhounds make wonderful pets, yet here in Ireland, the historical home of the greyhound, too many people still think they are only racing dogs. Today has shown greyhounds as they really are: gentle, affectionate dogs and make ideal companions”.

Una Phelan, a spokesperson for GRAI said:

“I hope today will help find homes for many more rescue greyhounds as family pets in Ireland. They have lovely natures, and contrary to popular belief they do not need lots of exercise, in fact they are happiest lying quietly on a comfortable bed”.

Anyone interested in adopting a retired greyhound should contact any GRAI member organisation.

Photos from the event can be viewed here and here.

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