Celebrities and Artists Support Walk for Greyhounds

Acclaimed film director Lenny Abrahamson and best selling artists Luka Bloom, Cathy Davey, Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy and Sharon Shannon, are supporting the Walk for Greyhounds in Dublin on Sunday June 17th alongside hundreds of other dog lovers, and their dogs including many rescued retired racing greyhounds. The peaceful walk, organised by the Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland (GRAI) aims to promote greyhounds as family pets.

Last year’s walk made a big impact in central Dublin, attracting over 250 people from all over Ireland, Europe and the USA along with dogs of all kinds who walked calmly alongside rescued retired racing greyhounds. This year, the organisers are hoping for an even bigger turn out.

The Walk of just over 2 kilometres through central Dublin, will start at 1pm from the Fusilliers Arch, Grafton Street, St Stephen’s Green. Dogs of all breeds and their owners are welcome.

Lenny Abrahamson said:

“I am delighted to add my support to the Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland’s Walk for Greyhounds. Thousands of greyhounds are abandoned or destroyed, in Ireland and in other countries every year, when they are no longer fast enough to win races and this is not acceptable. Greyhounds are gentle, sensitive dogs that make excellent family pets, and they deserve a life, just like any other dog, when they retire from racing. All over Europe the greyhound is seen as a perfect family pet, yet here in Ireland too many people still see them purely as racing dogs. This attitude has to change.
“I hope that Irish dog lovers, and their dogs turn out in large numbers to walk alongside the greyhounds and make the point that greyhounds are not just for racing, they are for life. I wish Walk for Greyhounds every success”.

Úna Phelan, a spokesperson for GRAI said:

“It is fantastic to receive this strong support from such prominent celebrities. The walk is capturing people’s imagination and we are hopeful of an even better turn out than last year.

“It is important that as many people as possible come along to show their support. We need to send a clear message that greyhounds do not deserve to be discarded or destroyed when they are no longer able to race. These gentle dogs deserve a future and make wonderful pets”.

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