Greyhound Numbers

599773_4095234100634_550976691_nFrom when GRAI was founded in 2010 to 2015 at least 105,006 greyhounds were born in Ireland. 94,405 were named at racing age (thirteen months old) – these figures are from the 17,501 registered litters.

From 2010 to 2014:

  • 2,294 greyhounds were destroyed in Irish Dog Pounds.
  • 377 greyhounds were homed by or re-claimed from the dog pounds.
  • 375 greyhounds were transferred to welfare groups who found space to take them.

2014 dog pound figures showed a noticeable decline in greyhounds destroyed and noticeable rise in greyhounds being transferred to welfare groups. There are still huge concerns that hundreds of greyhounds are being destroyed in dog pounds, and there is documented evidence to show that perfectly healthy greyhounds are among those abandoned with very little chance of escaping death.

970477_10201919337886516_1338909679_nFor the years 2011 to 2013 47,702 greyhounds were named/registered for racing. 18,690 were exported for the UK race tracks. The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust, managed by the Irish Greyhound Board Welfare Manager, directly homed 966 greyhounds. 205 greyhounds were homed/re-claimed by/from dog pounds. 210 greyhounds were transferred from dog pounds to welfare groups. 1,377 greyhounds were destroyed in dog pounds.

By using the Industry/Local Authority supplied figures, it is clear to see that there is a huge gap in the traceability of the tens-of-thousands of greyhounds bred in Ireland – a gap which raises huge concerns.

There are no regulations in Legislation for greyhound owners to notify the ICC of greyhounds homed. Legislation only requires owners to notify the ICC if there is a transfer of ownership/sale of a greyhound still racing, or if the greyhound dies – under the registered owners name.

The requirement for all greyhounds to be microchipped from 2016 can offer a valid platform for the traceability of Irish greyhounds. This is an area which GRAI will be advocating further for.

GRAI approximate that no more than 1200 greyhounds are homed directly from Ireland each year through private rescues/charities – a vast majority of those are homed outside of Ireland e.g to Europe, USA, and Canada. GRAI is committed to help more greyhounds being adopted – especially in Ireland – through promotion and advocacy.

GRAI does not take in or re-home dogs directly so please view our list of member organisations if you are interested in adopting an Irish greyhound.